Friday, March 26, 2010

Let Down!

One of the reasons we planned on such a long engagement (about 2 and a half years!), was so that we could afford the things we wanted and not have to compromise too much. Before we even were engaged, we had many of those “well IF we ever got married we COULD…” conversations. Things we were dead set on as a couple were having Jones Soda (customized of course) for our guest’s favors, dancing our first dance to Iron and Wine’s cover of Such Great Heights, and using brown and cream as our color scheme.

Thank you Jones Soda for ruining our dreams! WTH!

Back, probably a year and a half ago or so, we used to estimate how much it would cost for 175-200 bottles. With shipping, we figured maybe $400-$500 max for soda + shipping. Steep, I know, but it’s what we’ve wanted longer than we knew we wanted each other (ha!) and we were willing to pay the price.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when we went back to the website to start ordering. I want to say the price of the soda remained the same, but the shipping jumped so high that it would actually cost more to ship it to our home than it would to purchase them! With a few clicks of a mouse, our soda dreams died.

So with that, I am having my personal wedding crisis of the hour/day/week/month. I don’t know how other brides are, but I find something stupid to obsess about daily- shoes, hair, Mike, food, etc. I don’t mind it- I think I probably actually like it. I love the wedding planning process. Anyways, so now I have favors on the brain.

I know what I do not want – chocolate anything, charity favors, bubbles, or bells. No real particular reason for not wanting any of those, I/we just don’t. I guess I like unique consumables. Maybe keepsakes that aren’t cheesy.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll start making apple butter in my crock and jarring it. I don’t think that would cost too much money- the ingredients are super cheap and I bet I can get an excellent deal on jars somewhere. I feel like it might fit our general aesthetic and vibe, too. Apple butter…trees…birds…sort of natural and organic, without being weird and hippie. Maybe we could go to an orchard and pick the apples ourselves? The Knot has favor tags that match our save the dates (brown with a while bird on a branch) – that might be cute to tie around the lid with twine or something.

Decisions, decisions. I still want the soda.

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