Monday, March 29, 2010


As I mentioned at the end of my last post, we had our cake testing this past Saturday! The bakery was a little far from us...MapQuest put it at a solid 36 minutes. Mike's mom came along and the three of us managed to take every wrong turn possible. We only ended up being 10 minutes late, so no big deal.

This bakery is run by a wife and husband team of chefs. I haven't met or talked to the husband, but the wife is so friendly and amazing. I felt like we all really clicked. I'm realizing more and more that getting along personally with the vendors is a huge deal, and vital to the overall success of the wedding. It's hard to trust someone who isn't nice. Early on when we were looking at reception locations, we talked to this one woman who was just awful. She was very pushy about stupid details (exactly where the cake HAD to be placed, etc.) and was just downright intimidating. I don't understand mean people to begin with... but when we're talking about contracts worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, you'd imagine people would kiss your ass a little (or at least muster up good manners).

Anyways, we went with them! I figured we would- the tasting would have had to of been horrible for us not to. We got to try both vanilla and chocolate cake with raspberry filling on top, and pistachio and banana walnut with chocolate on top. Everything was DELICIOUS! We ended up with red velvet, french vanilla, and banana walnut cupcakes all with butter cream icing; chocolate with chocolate icing; and carrot cake with cream cheese icing. We ordered 40 of each- Mike thinks we'll have to get more. I'm unsure. He's probably right. For our top/cutting/anniversary cake, we got a chocolate cake on top of a vanilla cake with that delicious raspberry filling. It will be frosted with butter cream icing, and they will pipe on branches and ivory hydrangeas. Oh yeah, all of the cupcake icing (minus the chocolate) will be tinted ivory as well.

I am so pleased. It's nice to cross something off our list. The price was really good, and we were able to put half of it down. The less money we have to pay out the week/day of the wedding, the better!

A few last minute wedding items: my BFFs wedding is THIS Saturday(!!) and I was just asked to be a reader in another friend's wedding in May. I'm loving all of this wedding action.


  1. I am so pumped for this wedding, and for these cupcakes.

  2. You and me both, my friend!