Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Goodies.

As promised, another juicy update. I've been able to cross a few minor things off my large to do list lately and I'm pretty excited! First, we decided on and purchased pew decorations- for under $20!!! I think I might have mentioned before that I really liked the idea of hanging kissing balls from the pews, and that's what we ended up going with. Michael's just got in all of their spring shipment, and I found little baby hydrangea kissing balls in ivory. They are smaller than the 5"-6" ones I had pictured...about as big as a balled up fist.

They are obviously fake flowers...not quite silk...more like parchment flowers. They are gorgeous. Closer to the date, I just have to attach thick brown ribbon I bought with some straight pins and we're good to go! Our chapel has 8 pews on either side of the aisle, so we're going to place a ball at every other pew on each side. I am so happy to cross pew decorations completely off the "need to buy" list.

I had mentioned in a past post that I really liked the idea of an apothecary jar filled with nature-y items...feather balls, pine cones, twigs, etc. While I was picking up the kissing balls, I notice Michael's also had big bags of potpourri on sale. They have a really pleasant vanilla scent. The bag is full of ivory and brown natural items. It has twig balls, bark, pine cones, and plenty of other things that fit exactly what we were going for.

I was SO happy to find them! I bought every bag they had in stock- I want to say 4 or 5. I'm not quite sure how many centerpieces each one will make...I'd like to stretch it to two. I originally planned to buy everything separately and mix it myself, so maybe I can supplement the potpourri with stuff I can find on the cheap. Each bag was only 4 dollars (!!!), so if we really had to I could afford to buy 12 bags.

Probably the biggest and most exciting update is that Mike and I joined the gym together! I'm really not so concerned with how much I weigh when we get married...maybe I will be when I see the pictures? I don't know, it's just not something that's on my mind. What is on both of our minds though, is long term health and making sure we're around to enjoy each other for years to come. We've really made a commitment to each other to stick with this and be a team. I personally love our gym. I was a member in high school until college and I loved it then, too! We go about 2 or 3 times a week and it gives us time to be together away from electronic distractions. Obviously very excited about this!

One last thing- I might have bought my wedding shoes. It's totally random...last Saturday we were shopping and I saw them on a sale rack. They are ivory (the same color of the sash on the dress I think I'm getting) flats with little (what else) hydrangea-looking textile flowers at the toe bed. Gorgeous!

Even if I don't wear them for the wedding, they'll make cute spring shoes!

Awesome, right?!! I can call and reserve our wedding date with the baker this Wednesday. I'm very excited to get that done!

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