Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bridal Showcase

I left off with the bridal showcase last post, so I'll start off with that this round. Overall, I suppose I'm glad I went. Through a few fall outs, Mike ended up going with me. I'm really glad he did- we are planning this- I'm just the only one who blogs about it. I think we paid $14 for the two of us for admission- I thought that was a little steep and not worth it. Maybe. Once we got inside, the place was packed. I'd say my only complaint is how busy it was. Total mob.

We got to meet our baker, and we found out by chatting that she is now booking events 18 months in advance instead of her old rule of 12 months. I was so happy to hear that- 18 months puts us at next week or so and gives us a little bit more of a chance to be the ones who get that date. You better believe I'm sending the reservation e-mail the morning of March 3 as soon as I wake up.

At the booth next to our baker was the Johnstown Party Bus. We know we wanted the PB for wedding transportation, so it was nice to find out costs and reservation stipulations. Luckily, they take bookings anytime in advance. We should probably jump on that quick- I think they are becoming Johnstown's hottest means of wedding transportation.

It was worth giving up part of a Sunday afternoon to get all of that information from our vendors in one place. We also met with a woman who we are very very interested in for photography...we'll see how that pans out. I firmly believe that it would be hard and overwhelming for a couple to go blindly to an event like this and come out with concrete plans. I've spent the last year researching- asking friends and relatives for vendor suggestions, googling, etc. This showcase was good for putting faces to names and getting info that may not necessarily be posted publicly.

I have a lot more exciting (maybe? haha) news and updates that just wouldn't match the flow of this post. Lookout for another one asap?

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