Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Mike is a pretty hands-on groom. Almost every aspect of planning to date, from the dress I want to the color of the napkins, has been discussd and agreed upon. We have a lot of the same tastes so everything has been very smooth and easy..until now!

Even before we were engaged, I loved the idea of a candy buffet. I'm certain it's not popular in my neck of the woods. I'm even more certain my neck of the woods is severely behind on the times and very set in it's ways. No one I mention the idea to has a clue what I'm talking about, but it's fairly self explanitory - candy...set up buffet style. I dreamt about brown and cream candies in lux jars..surrounded by more color coordinated more lux jars. Scoops galore. Cute take home bags with our chocolate swirl design.

I'm all about the small details. I honestly want people to have a great time and really remember our wedding. I am not a cookie cutter type of girl- I will not have your typical Western Pennsylvania wedding! I enjoy pigs in the blanket and rigatoni as much as the next person, but for my wedding I want more than I could get at Grandma Petrunak's on any given Sunday. I want the kind of wedding I spend hours and hours oogling online. Go big or go home- I want a candy buffet!

Mike was a little aprehensive at first, I think because he wasn't quite seeing my vision. After a lot of discussions and looking at examples, he came around to the idea. Score.

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing idea...throw away the candy, I want pretzels! Hard salt...rods...nuggets! All shapes and sizes and flavors. Not to mention coresponding condiments! Cheeses and salsas and horseradishes and NUTELLA! Yum.

I know that this idea is a little unusual and surely if people have a hard time accepting the idea of candy, they will shudder at the idea of a pretzel spread. I have faith in my carb commerades. What everyone (especially me) needs to remember is that none of my ideas are hurting or offending anyone, and if anyone thinks it is odd or quirky, then so be it. I'm having a reception to celebrate my nuptuals, not to cater to the masses.

The one person I do need on board is Mike. He started out pretty against the idea...I think it was too off the wall for him. He might be warming up though...I make sure to point out all of the delicious combinations when we're in the grocery store. I love pretzels.

What do you think?

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