Monday, November 8, 2010


I feel very guilty because tomorrow marks three months since I've posted here. In all honesty though, I have a decent excuse...Verizon (yeah I said it!) has been putting FIOS in a housing development near our house, so our DSL service was drained. That's what they told us anyways, after 45 days of "trying" to fix it.

It's a very sore subject with us, hahahaha.

Anyways, a lot has happened in the last two months. In no particular order:

  • We met with our photographer, Amanda Alt, and had our engagement pictures taken. Amanda is stellar, and I am going to devote an entire post to her work as soon as we get our engagement pictures back and I can post a few.
  • We picked up our's actually a big metal and wood birdcage we found at TJMaxx. It's currently a very rustic red color...we may just leave it like that because it's so beautiful. I'll post a picture eventually.
  • Our chapel double booked us. It's okay, but really unprofessional and lame. Apparently they do this a lot.
  • I broke out the save the dates I ordered a very long time ago from The Knot (I got them at ridiculously rock-bottom prices). I collected most of the addresses I need, and those will go out ASAP. Again, an entire post will be dedicated to these little babies asap.

There is more, but those are the key items. More posts soon, I promise!!


  1. Ooh! You're back! Yay!
    Can't believe the chapel double booked you. Take your knife. Srsly.

  2. I know! This other bride has to be a weirdo.