Monday, June 14, 2010

Flowers/Fed Up

I'm pretty positive I haven't purchased ANYTHING for the wedding in a few months. I'm a little burnt out...not just on my own, but on weddings in general. We just went to our third in two months, and two of those I participated in. I think we only have one more this season, then we're DONE!

I've been going back and forth for awhile now on flowers vs. no flowers. I've decided last night after consulting with Mike that we will NOT be buying flowers! I appreciate other people's wedding flowers. I've seen gorgeous bouquets and cute centerpieces. It's just not for me. I'm too crafty and cost-conscious. They will die the next day. It's just not me. Bottom line. I don't care how abnormal it is or what people will say. I hate that I have to defend it in the first place.

We already have non-floral centerpieces covered (see nearly EVERY post I've ever written), so the only flower substitutes we have to worry about are the bridal party's. We really like bouquets like this. I could probably make them myself, but that girl does really amazing work. I like the idea of button bouquets. This one is special because it has other little bits of things. It's very me.

I know that guys won't care, but I'm wondering what bridesmaids will really think. Is it too weird and unconventional? I'd like to be in a wedding with alternative..stuff. I think these are great. I'd like to say it's my wedding and I don't give a shit what anyone thinks, but I guess I care too much. I'd like to think whoever I ask to be in my wedding will at least know me enough and love me enough to respect my alternative, non-offensive choices.

This is too deep. I need to stop caring!

PS, I think our flower girl will still throw petals, because I can't think of anything else for her to throw!


  1. Hi hope you don't mind. saw your tweets on twitter. I have a blog too and I'm from near your neck of the woods it looks like. Just wanted to stop and say hi.

  2. I say down with flowers! I agree -- it costs way too much for how long they last. I'd rather do without anything, except it's weird to not hold something in a wedding, you know? I'll probably make my girls hold leaf-bouquets. :)
    The button bouquets are hot right now! Check out this post:

  3. Ohhh, thanks! I've been seeing a lot of alternatives...parasols, candles, etc. Choices are endless.