Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's been awhile! Please don't mistake my lack of posting for lack of updates. We've kept up our momentum. I've been so busy with work - fall is our busiest season, plus I'm catching up from being gone a few weeks in September. Add a move and the holidays, and there is little time for blogging!

The post below this is one that posted automatically for me. It's a review I wrote today for products we purchased. I ordered our save-the-date magnets from their wedding shop last week and they arrived today! I think it's cool they'll blog my review for me, but I don't know how relevant it is. Maybe if other brides read my blog, and just not my married friends? Who knows. Anyways, back to the magnets! They are so awesome. I'm pretty sure they were the very first item we knew we wanted post-engagement...before we were all about birds and branches (more on that later). I bought them so early (a year ahead of time to be exact) because I couldn't beat the 65% off sale. Not to mention, I'm constantly worried about things we want going out of stock or being discontinued. I would give these away now, but I really think we should wait until after next September, so no one thinks we're getting married September '10. I have relatives that thought we were getting married this past September, and of course people still/always think it's next September. I think Christmas next year will be good for giving away to most of the confusion that way.

I had mentioned birds and branches earlier...we are all about it! don't get me wrong, I totally shy away from themes and I'm trying not to be super tacky...everything is just falling together nicely. I bought the branch centerpiece kits from that I had mentioned in an earlier post and they turned out excellent. Mike made a sample centerpiece that is pretty sweet...sorry about the quality, I took the picture with my phone!

We really like it, but it doesn't quite fit the feel we're going for. We're going to replace the big pink flowers with small off-white hydrangeas, and 86 the glass and river rocks in favor of more modern square bases. Hopefully we get around to that soon and I can post the finished product.

For our alternate centerpieces, we're going to go with medium sized apothecary jars filled with twig balls in our colors, pine cones, and feather balls. Target has the PERFECT jars on sale right now, so hopefully I can scoop up the 12 I need soon. I'm thinking we'll have some votives on the branch tables and bud vases with hydrangea bunches on the apothecary jar tables.

So I guess some feathers here and some branches there don't really make a theme, right? Man, I hope I don't go overboard.

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