Sunday, August 16, 2009

Local Schmocal.

I'm slowly but surely realizing that Johnstown does not have what I want and need for my wedding. I want my perfect venue at the perfect price with a million choices. I want to find at least one day-of coordinator. Heck, I'm even finding it difficult to meet a local DJ who doesn't have some sort of...unsavory... reputation.

Maybe it's me? I feel like I'm being super picky. I know I'm being picky. We both are, really. I hate the feeling of settling. I set myself up for disappointment. I expected to see a place and just know. You are 100% with the groom and the dress, and I want that with everything else! Money and location are against us.

Hahah, with that out of the way, I think I found my dress. It's sweet and simple and everything I want.

I'm not committing or anything yet - we have sooooooo long to go. I seriously want to buy that up right now, though!

One thing I think we've committed to is the rehearsal dinner! Mike is all about the local Fuji Japanese Steakhouse (He's mad about that place.). I called and they can accommodate up to 60 in a private room with 8 hibachi grills- and they give a discount for large groups! Excellent.

We have a lot more trivial (and not so trivial) things already decided on, check back soon!

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